After stepping on my bathroom scale in the summer of 2010, I finally decided that - at 52 years old and weighing 263 pounds - it was time to escape from the crushing chest pains, the nearly crippling joint pain, and the deepening depression with a goal of getting under 200 pounds. By January 2011, after months of dieting and exercise, I slipped into a pair of Size 16 jeans and felt absolutely triumphant. Eighteen months later, I had not only met - but far exceeded my original goal - by (ever so briefly) fitting into a Size 2. Over my lifetime I have worn every size from a 22 to that elusive Size 2...which explains why I owe Lord & Taylor over $3,000!

“Diana has reached into my soul and captured feelings I would never admit to anyone. But here it was…on paper. As I continued to read, I realized that I am not the only one who harbored such feelings. I could relate to every chapter in this book. Diana has captured these feelings in a realistic, humorous way that gives the reader the self-confidence to consider that many of the feelings you may have are actually ‘normal.’.”

Elizabeth Deo, RN, BSN, MA

"I couldn't put this book down. Very well written and funny...I laughed out loud several times! Inspiring but not "preachy." Loved it!"

Gretchen Masterfano

Escaping From Food Coma - the Literal Ups and Downs of Life with an Eating Disorder is now available on and can be found by just clicking on the book.

Utilizing my own personal journey, my goal is to share my successes and experiences with those that struggle with their weight and need a little friendly advice from someone that understands. It’s all about small steps to big goals and how to help each other when the path gets a little tough. 

Remember...You Gotta Eat, You Gotta Move, and You Gotta Live! 




I had the pleasure of spending a recent afternoon with local authors, (l-r) Albert Parillo, me, Joanne Ferreri, David Kaplan, Sheila McIntyre, Tom Behr, Jon Gibbs, Rosie Battista, and Audra Osorio. You can explore their work at:



Talking about Escaping From Food Coma and toilet paper tails! Click on the photo above if you would like to listen. 

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Diana and Olympian

The Summit Medical Group, the largest physician-owned multi-specialty practice in New Jersey, held their annual Live Well Sports and Health Festival in September.  They had several Olympic athletes, including champion rower, Sara Hendershot (pictured above), share their skills and knowledge in Rowing, Fencing, and Table Tennis.  

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